Precisely Handmade
In the United States of America

Product Line

Having electrical properties that allow it to withstand temperatures up to 200°C, these capacitors are ideal for use in in applications such as audio electronics, aerospace, temperature compensating circuits, integrating circuits, R-C networks, and other hazardous environments.


Our standard line of high-quality, high-performance capacitors that have set our company apart from other capacitor manufacturers for the last 30 years. Rel-Cap capacitors are used in the electronics, industrial, and consumer OEM markets. In addition, there are many high-end audio and power supply manufacturers that rely upon this dependable capacitor in their state-of-the-art products. These capacitors are available in:
  • polystyrene (RT)
  • polypropylene (PP)
  • polyester (V)
  • PTFE
  • metallized polypropylene (MPP)
  • metalized polyester films (VM)


The AudioCap product line was specifically developed to meet the unique sonic needs of speaker crossovers, electronics, and audio/video power supply circuitry. We will continue to offer this legacy series of great sounding, high-quality, high-performance capacitors in:
  • metalized polypropylene
    (AudioCap PPMT, PPMF)
  • polypropylene and aluminum
    (AudioCap Alpha PPF)
  • polypropylene and tin
    (AudioCap Theta PPT)
  • polystyrene and tin
    (AudioCap RT)
  • PTFE (AudioCap TFT)
New material combinations are currently in development.


Our newly named AudioCapX line capacitors (formerly known as MultiCap™ developed by Richard Marsh) are uniquely and produced on proprietary machines which are exclusively owned and operated by Reliable Capacitors. This multiple section design significantly reduces typical capacitors losses and overall inductance, setting an industry standard. Measured Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) values are 5 to 10 times lower than conventional capacitors. This exclusive design also solves the problems of multiple resonances encountered when a circuit’s high-frequency impedance is lowered by externally paralleling a large, conventionally wound capacitor with smaller ones, as in typical bypass designs. AudioCapX capacitors are ideal for high-current, high-speed, pulsed applications. New and exciting innovations are continuing to be developed that will meet the most exacting audio and video specifications. Capacitors in this line are available in:
  • metalized polypropylene (PPMFX)
  • polystyrene (RTX)
  • polypropylene and tin (PPFXS)
  • polypropylene and aluminum (PPFX)