This line offers five series of high-quality, high-performance caps at competitive prices, designed to meet specific needs of speaker, electronics, and audio/video power supply designers. A full line of film capacitors.


AudioCap Metalized Polypropylene PPMF - Click for the catalog
This series offers high performance at a reasonable price, for all applications. It is available in values up to 100 microfarads, making it ideal for speaker crossovers.

AudioCap Metalized Polypropylene High Voltage PPMT - Click for the catalog
This series comes in voltages up to 2400 V at .47 mfd. Put two in series for .22 mfd/4800 V or parallel for 1 mfd/2400 V. Excellent for electrostatic speakers, power supplies, and some high-voltage tube applications.

AudioCap Alpha PPF - Click for the catalog
Polypropylene & aluminum film & foil capacitor. An excellent standard audio capacitor, preferred by lovers of clean, accurate sound reproduction. Very fast.

AudioCap Theta PPT - Click for the catalog
Polypropylene and tin film & foil capacitor. A little larger in size than the Alpha. The sound is rich and full.

AudioCap Polystyrene & Tin Foil RT - Click for the catalog
An industry standard in polystyrene performance. Preferred by many audiophiles for its clarity.


The MultiCap was conceived for high-current, high-speed, pulsed-power applications. It is ideal for audio, video, and high-frequency designs because its patented construction, which winds capacitors coaxially one upon the other into a single unit, significantly reducing typical capacitor losses. Since each coaxial section is in parallel, the inductance of the overall capacitor never exceeds that of a piece of lead wire the same length as the capacitor's body. Measured equivalent series resistance (ESR) values are 5 to 10 times lower than conventional designs. MultiCap's patented internal bypass design also solves the problems of multiple resonances encountered when a circuit's high-frequency impedance is lowered by externally paralleling a large, conventionally wound capacitor with smaller ones, as in conventional bypassing. In addition, the MultiCap uses the finest film materials and proprietary slow-winding construction techniques to further reduce dissipation factor (DF) and dielectric absorption (DA). The MultiCap offers substantial advantages in bypassing and in high-current applications, where losses can be significant.

Ultimate Film & Foil Recommended for high-current applications and wherever the finest performance is required. This polystyrene cap exhibits the lowest DA and the highest stability in frequency and temperature characteristics. Its tin foil is compatible with the other materials used in the MultiCap, preventing oxidation and electrolysis and providing an extraordinarily stable long-term performance.

MultiCap PPFXS - Click for the catalog
Excellent Film & Foil Recommended for high-current, high-temperature applications. Polypropylene & tin, with similar characteristics to RTX, but with extended temperature range.

MultiCap PPFX - Click for the catalog
Excellent Film & Foil Recommended for high-current, high-temperature applications. Polypropylene & aluminum. Lowest ESR available. Lighter in weight, lower in cost than the RTX or PPFXS. Highly accurate, stable performance.

MultiCap PPMFX - Click for the catalog
Ultimate Metalized Polypropylene Recom-mended for lower currents, and wherever small size & lower cost are required. Self-healing; extended temperature range. Combines the small size and lower price of the metalized capacitor with the proven high performance of the self-bypass design.

MultiCap-II PPMFX-2 - Click for the catalog
Excellent Metalized Polypropylene
Similar in performance to the PPMFX, but smaller and less expensive, offering significantly increased performance over conventional, non-bypassed metalized capacitors for about the same price. An excellent introduction to the benefits of high performance capacitors.

MultiCapTM Usage and Installation Notes

The REL MultiCapTM in Power Supplies & Filter Circuits

by Richard Marsh

What Makes REL MultiCapTM Different from All Other Capacitors?

Why REL MultiCapTM?

The REL MultiCapTM in Power Supplies, Digital Circuits, & Filter Networks

The REL MultiCapTM: Phase Response versus ESR

by Richard Marsh

Exoticatm  Line

Film and foil capacitors of special design and construction, made with the finest materials available for audio capacitors, to bring out the highest performance possible in the most sensitive, highly resolving equipment.


Exotica Teflon TFT
This series, with Teflon film, has electrical properties that allow it to withstand high temperatures. Listening tests reveal superb sonic qualities, making it the designer's choice whenever only the highest performance will do. The TFT is suitable for all audio applications, and will provide high performance and long-life.


Exotica Copper Foil Polypropylene Film PCU
This series, with copper foil, has low distortion and provides superbly clean, clear performance. It is especially suitable for ultra-high frequencies, bringing a remarkable clarity in this sonic range. Special manufacturing techniques are employed to insure that copper will remain reliable and provide high performance over time. The gold-plated OFHC lead wires provide long-term reliability, superior to silver wires owing to gold's non-oxidizing properties; the matching of copper foil with copper leads ensures long-term high performance.


Exotica PrimeTM
This capacitor is a proprietary design from Richard Marsh, built to the highest specs by Reliable Capacitors to satisfy the perfectionist. Unrivaled audio performance, superior in listening tests even to AudioCap Teflon or MultiCap. Ultra-low distortion, extreme clarity throughout the audible frequency range. Values: 0.10 mfd to 1.0 mfd, at 100, 200, 400 volts, in case form only. Applications: coupling, bypass, filters.