• First of all, the lowered distortion offered by the internal-bypass design will improve audio/video performance. Each MultiCapTM is made with up to ten parallel bypass sections optimized into a single unit. A 1 microfarad MultiCapTM, for example, is made up of ten 0.1 s, and these act as internal by-passes. Our tests have shown that each internal bypass significantly reduces the parasitics - inductive and resistive qualities - of the capacitor, thereby reducing distortions.

  • Second, using the internally bypassed MultiCapTM saves the space and money required for external bypassing. No other capacitor available can offer this. In fact, we recommend external bypassing only on the very large values of MultiCapTM - above 3.0 microfarads, and then only for those designs in which extreme refinement of the upper frequencies is an important factor.

  • Third, the MultiCapTM was designed and patented by Richard Marsh, then working at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, for high-speed pulsed-power applications. This design is new in concept and solves many audio capacitor problems. Our measurements back us up in this, and so do our customers' responses. They tell us the MultiCapTM increases the neutrality & clarity of their products.

    Worried about expense, for lower-cost applications? We'd like to call your attention to the cost-effective MultiCapTM-ll, a single-bypass version of the design that offers significant performance improvements over standard metalized caps - both unbypassed and bypassed, at about the same price as many varieties popular in audio and video designs. See the 2-ppmfx section of our catalog.

    Today we offer five series of MultiCapsTM of different materials, sizes, configurations, and prices. All share the internal bypass design that has proven so successful. One or more of these MultiCapsTM will be suitable for any application in audio and video designs.

    REL's Electronic Components Division offers its engineering and laboratory services to MultiCapTM customers. We can make specialized measurements of most pertinent parameters for the characterization of analog audio, digital, and video equipment: network analysis; Z analysis; signal analysis; spectrum analysis; linearity; acoustical analysis; color analysis for video video products (ISF qualified). Our laboratory covers the frequency spectrum from sub-audio through video.

    If you have any questions or wish to drop us a line please feel free to email us at info@reliablecapacitors.com